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Victor Gregory

July 3, 2016


Hudson, NY


Recorded by

Dina Gregory

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This interview was conducted with Victor Gregory, better known as Chuck Gregory in his apartment in Joslen Commons in Hudson, NY.  Chuck recounts his Childhood memories growing up in Jeannette, Pennsylvania and Baltimore where he shares stories of his dog Flip and other Childhood adventures. He then recounts his career history in the music industry. He shares a few highlights of his career, which include some of his time spent on the music scene in San Francisco during the 1960’s. He later describes a chance encounter at Columbus Circle, which landed him a job as Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Paramount Records. He also shares stories of meeting his wife Mary Ann Gregory and their times working together in the music business.

Interviewer Bio:
Dina Gregory

Dina Gregory is an educator, activist, and daughter of interviewee Mary Ann Gregory. Dina currently teaches English Language Learners at Ichabod Crane in Valatie, NY. She also serves as facilitator for the Social Harmony Institute where she develops programming that systematically provides school communities with a functional took kit for promoting social and emotional well-being and the skills necessary to move conflicts that naturally arise in all relationships towards growth and understanding. Dina is excited about the role that oral history can play in creating greater intimacy and connection among the communities that she belongs.

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This interview is hereby made available for research purposes only. For additional uses (radio and other media, music, internet), please click here to inquire about permissions.

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